Corporate Law

Wada & Watanabe provides a broad range of legal services concerning corporate legal issues, including matters that fall under the Company Law, M&A and restructuring, the Antimonopoly Law, Foreign Exchange Law, Product Liability Law, regulations controlling descriptions on products and advertisements, risk management such as confidentiality and personal information protection measures, and trading partner bankruptcies.

Company Law

We provide advice and draft documentation (including meeting minutes, registration documentation, contracts, and documents for submission to the relevant authorities) concerning all types of procedures, regulations, and issues related to the Company Law, such as the establishment of a company, increase of capital, business transfer, share transfer, procedures to purchase treasury shares, changes in directors, amendments of articles of incorporation, liquidations, and measures for shareholder meetings.
We also provide advice and analysis concerning the establishment of LLCs, LLPs, and silent partnerships (Tokumei Kumiai (TK)).

M&A and Restructuring

We provide advice and analysis, prepare documentation, and carry out due diligence for matters such as mergers, corporate splits, business transfers, and shareholder agreements.

Antimonopoly Law and Foreign Exchange Law

We provide advice, draft documentation, and carry out analysis concerning laws and regulations such as the Antimonopoly Law, the Subcontracting Law, and the Foreign Exchange Law in matters such as capital and business alliances, the establishment of foreign company subsidiaries and branch offices, corporate acquisitions, license agreements, and dealership or distributor agreements.

Product Liability Law

We provide advice and analysis, and we negotiate on behalf of and represent clients in litigation involving product liability and recall issues. In this capacity, we represent clients in such areas as medical devices, pharmaceuticals, precision machinery, automobiles, and food products.

Analysis and Advice Concerning Descriptions of and Advertising for Goods and Services

For many years we have provided analysis and advice concerning descriptions of and advertising for goods and services, especially in relation to regulations under laws such as the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, the Food Sanitation Law, the Japan Agricultural Standards Law, and the Law for the Prevention of Misrepresentations Concerning Products and Services.

Compliance and Risk Management

Our firm provides advice and analysis concerning compliance and risk management, in such critical areas as confidentiality (i.e., the preparation of nondisclosure agreements and the like), the protection of personal information (the preparation of privacy policies and in-house training), illicit or illegal acts by employees, and customer trading partner bankruptcies.

Preparation of Transactional Documents and Analysis of Regulations

We provide advice and analysis, and we negotiate and draft transactional documents such as sales agreements, manufacturing and supply agreements, distributor agreements, license agreements, software development agreements, as well as real estate transactions and e-commerce-related agreements.